31 March 2008

Holy Bible

I would be amiss if I left out this magnificent book - this book that holds the most precious gift of all to mankind, Jesus Christ. Some may reject it, they will someday be proven mistaken, some may ignore it and they will be punished, some will read it but not practice it they will not be rewarded, others will follow it and receive a life full lived with a relationship that is eternal. I post this because while illiteracy reigns prevalent in our world it is affecting the most important read in all of life and that is people reading the Bible. It has changed thousands of lives through the decades and it has changed mine too. The reason is that The Bible contains that way to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Forget about living a good life and find out in God's Word the Bible how you too can have a relationship with Jesus Christ for all eternity.


CurtandSarah said...

So far, we've gone at least four times through the girls' copy of _Jesus Storybook Bible_. I tweak just a few of the author's word choices from time to time, but overall, I LOVE the way it shows Christ in every single Bible story. Very well done!

CLComstock said...

neat, I so want to get it. Craig was a bit leery of the way they portray Jesus but I have heard nothing but good things about the content. :)