03 March 2008

Good Night Moon/ The Runaway Bunny - Margaret Wise Brown

I just Goodnight Moon so much, it is such a fun way to talk about things in the room, notice details and say goodnight or good-nap to my kids. I love the pictures by Clement Hurd! I had never heard of The Runaway Bunny though until a short time ago. I checked it out of our local library and immediately was fascinated by the story and how the mother reassures her little bunny that she will always be there. I love though how Mr. Hurd hides things in his art. For instance: in Goodnight Moon there is a picture hanging in the little bunny's room, the other 2 out of the 3 make sense but when you read Runaway Bunny you understand. Also in the last page of Goodnight Moon, he puts none other than the book you are reading on the little bunny's nightstand! It keeps me looking for more as an adult and my daughter loves the bright pictures.