26 April 2008

Bob Jones Press

I grew up on these next books here. They teach some great lessons and have fun illustrations. In this first book the concept is, if everyone had bad manners...and blows them out of proportion. It really helps to see how bad manners can affect a situation, and then it shows the opposite, where good manners can take you. Highly recommend all these!
I love this book too, it has a great story about a crab who is cranky and won't listen to those who care. In the end he learns a valuable lesson.
Ok, so this was my childhood favorite, vivid pictures, vibrant colors and a variation of illustrations. This story is about a kingdom without a king. The creatures who live there send their friend Chipmunk out to find them one. He is to look for a king who is wise, true and brave. He keeps finding creatures that fit one or the other but fail in all three. In the end they end up with a king who is all they wanted.