26 April 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose

Love the illustrations, the characters are cute but I have to be a critical reader for my daughter's sake... Goose and Duck are good friends, have been for a while it seems, they have a lot in common. Duck brings a new friend on the scene, Thistle. Thistle is arrogant, prideful (and no I am not reading into things when I say this, it is very clear in the book) and cocky. She belittles everyone in her statements of "I am the best". I have seen some other stories with these characters, must be a series of some sort so maybe they are better...? If Thistle had learned that her words and actions hurt other's feelings it would have been a good book. If Duck and stood up for his friend Goose, it would have been a good book but it ends in such a way that Duck and Goose trick Thistle into taking a nap so they can play ball together. No life lessons I want to teach my children here. I will though say the author is a great illustrator.