26 April 2008

My Creation Bible

Answers in Genesis is such a great resource for teaching our children about the Bible and ourselves for that matter. We were blessed this past week when our daughter was given this Bible for her 2nd birthday. While other Bibles are wishy-washy sometimes concerning sin and why Christ had to die that is not so with this Bible. While not a chapter or verse by verse account it summarizes scripture as a whole to show man's fall, man's need and how God has provided a way for our sinful race. All written in very well rhymed verses that keep our daughter listening.
On a side note, it does come with a music CD in it, I do not know AIG's stand on music, we haven't had a chance to listen to it but the Bible would be totally worth it even if the music wasn't great.
It is a board book and has a nice carrying handle so it gets carried around a lot! :) Well made, well written, highly recommended by our family!

The book's picture is hyper-linked to their store in case you want to check it out.

I have to add to my review of this book an update. The music CD that is included is great! It is just light picking on the guitar while the Bible is read to your child via the CD. So it is a read-a-long CD. Nothing offensive about the music so the whole thing I give a very high rating and recommendation for!