28 July 2008

The 108th Sheep - Imai

When I first saw this book, I loved the looks of the title but I didn't really care for the little girl, she looked sullen. After reading this book though I take back negative thoughts, it is very creative and a fun bedtime story.
Little Emma can't seem to go to sleep, she tries all the tried and true methods and then she decides on counting sheep. By the time she reaches 100 she is quite surprised she is still awake but she keeps counting...106, 107,...108 never appears and she hears something hit her bed. When she gets up to check, poor 108 sheep has a bump on its head and is near tears. Even with all its jumping training it can't jump over her headboard. The sheep and Emma are quite tired by now but cannot go to sleep until 108 is safely over. After trying many things to help, Emma cuts a hole in the headboard and 108 jumps easily through it allowing everyone to get a good night sleep. I loved the story line, very creative and cute!