15 July 2008

Alphabet Soup

Tonight I have several books by the same author and it has amazed me how fresh she keeps her books and what a broad imagination she has for books. Her name is Kate Banks and she has definitely caught my attention when it comes to quality children's books.

Alphabet Soup is one of those books that I actually started to read and wondered if it was going to be any good. It starts out with a boy at a table refusing to eat his food. Now what parent out there needs that type of an example for their kids. Anyway, this book after the first page turns into a wonderful story of imagination and let us say, "table play." :) The illustrations are great, if you take the time to look you will see articles all from the dinner table that the boy is pretending to visit with bear - the honey bear. :) They spoon out each adventure as the boy creates things with words in his soup.

I didn't care for the start of the book but the rest of it is very good and maybe you could just make up your own first part and tell the story that way. :)