15 July 2008

Baby Bird's First Nest

I just love Frank Asch's books! They are just so cute! In Baby Bird's First Nest, Baby Bird finds himself in a scary situation...he fell out of his nest at night. Everything is big and scary looking but then a nice frog hops over and makes a suggestion - to make a nest to sleep in for the night. So Baby Bird and Frog build a nest together. No sooner though as they were trying it out, they heard something...paws. A raccoon! Oh no, frog escapes but what about Baby Bird. He is able to jump to safety and with frogs help he is returned to his nest. A sweet friendship story. There is one page though to which I was even a little unnerved. When the raccoon is introduced it is a full page of this mean, scary looking coon with the bird's reflection in his eyes... other than that page the illustrations are all that we love from Frank Asch's books.