31 July 2008

The Cabbage Soup Solution - Oller

This dear woman makes her livelihood by growing cabbages so when she discovers that someone has destroyed them all one morning she is beside herself. She plants again only to have more destruction. Her cats decide at night while their owner sleeps to take this issue into their own hands and they discover it is rabbits. With threats from the cats the rabbits bring to this woman's door everything she will need for some cabbage soup. Then the rabbits help to reseed all the cabbages and fertilize them... next thing you know her cabbages are better than ever and now she has a warm bed to sleep in since all the rabbits and cats sleep with her.
Really, although it isn't a bad book, I have to ask myself, how does this book enrich my life or the life of my children either in literature or in humor or in character building... it doesn't and it doesn't really have a good plot so I wouldn't recommend this book to you, just not worth it.