25 July 2008

Dr. Suess lessons???

Creative Bible Studies using Dr. Suess? I had the response to something of...oh great now people are pulling things out of there like they try to pull Christian things out of Lord of the Rings (and Tolkien even says there is no linking to Christianity in his writings!).
I checked out this site that my friend Angela sent me and they actually do a good job. Granting that Dr. Suess probably didn't write these books for that purpose, I was intrigued to see some good moral teachings that I formerly glossed over in thinking these books were totally humorous. So while I am not sure what Dr. Suess himself might think, it was a good reminder that when you get a good book, many times there are things there that you as the parent might be able to use to help guide your children in morals, in attitudes and in actions.

Check out the link here: Creative Bible Study