31 July 2008

Earthquack! - Palatini

So if you like the whole idea behind Chicken Little you will really enjoy this spin on the story. Chucky Ducky is minding his own business when the ground beneath him is disturbed and he runs to alert his friends. Lucy Goosey, Vickie, Nickie and Rickie Chickie, Brewster Rooster and other animals that have similarly fun rhyming names all one by one are warned by Chucky Ducky and then they themselves feel the quake. Little do they know that behind the bushes a sly weasel is watching the chaos and is concocting a plan to lure them all into his next month's menu. He disguises himself and leads them into the dark woods. Suddenly he is upturned by the mysterious quake shaking off his disguise. So what is the quake's root source? Joel and Lowell Mole, they took a wrong turn and got lost all under the farm.

I did not care for the language of Chucky Ducky in the beginning when he exclaims "good golly" about the rumbling. I don't care for that language, it is not how I want my children to talk. I simply change it to 'Oh my' or something like that.

The way the story is written there are plays on words all over, "The goose gave a gander" or when the rooster was "raking a comb through his feathers" I laughed so hard though when I read about all the feathery friends taking a tumble from the rumble, "And then, suddenly...right below their four webbed feet, six little chicken legs, and two big drumsticks..." A funny story that will keep your kids interested and you as the parent humored too.