19 July 2008

A Frog Prince

A little longer than my 2 year old would prefer but a good book. It definitely is a fairy tale, it has a witch. Actually the part with the witch is the part I don't like because it talks of the frog's brave deed and then the birds peck her to bits. Not a book for a young child.
The story is of a frog who is in love with a princess but she never notices him. One day she looses a ball into his pond and starts crying. He rushes to her side and she promises him a life with her in the palace if he gets it for her. He lovingly returns the ball to her regardless of the bribe. When dinner time comes he comes to the castle to receive his reward and the princess pretends she doesn't know who he is. The king sees the folly and demands she hold to her promise. That night though she breaks the poor frogs heart. As he lays forlorn that night he has a dream of a princess worthy of him and sets off to find her. It has a happy ending and lots of adventure.