25 July 2008

How do libraries choose books? Part #1

I know there are many people moms out there looking for good books. But hey, where do you find them? Book sales, garage sales, online, library??? I do a little of all of these but the largest selection is normally at your local library. So since libraries are so trafficked is it just their large selection, is it their good selection? How do libraries pick and choose what books they buy for our kids and us in general. In talking once to a friend who works at a library, I mentioned a book I wanted to get the wasn't available even in the inter-library loan and she commented that she'd just put in a request for it and they'd buy it like it was no big deal... I was excited because I knew the title of the book was a good one but I have to wonder, what if that book wasn't worth it, was she going to check into the content of the book or just take my word for it. Is that how books are purchased at libraries? Are they from the top 10 list that just came out? This question has intrigued me and I am going to try my hardest and find out. It is my quest to find good books but we all need to know, how do we get and keep good books available to us when there is so much junk out there? I am excited about my quest, hopefully in a week or 2 max, I will have an answer!


Tracy said...

I will be excited to hear your answer. I library has a very poor selection of children's books. In fact, they've recently sold several of the classic children's books (The Little Red Hen, the Little Engine that Could, and several others). It really makes me wonder.

CLComstock said...

I totally agree, I find so many more trashy/junk books at our library, it makes me wonder and was definitely my inspiration for calling around.