03 July 2008

If You Were My Bunny

When I found this book in my library's sale section I had to wonder why in the world they were getting rid of it, it looked good at least. I got it home and my anxious daughter wanted me to read it right away. So we sat down and I just love this book now. A wonderful bedtime or anytime book.
The book starts out with, "If you were my bunny and I were your mama, Id pick you out from all the other bunnies and nestle you beside me. Then you'd close your little pink eyes and I'd sing you a bunny song. You turn the page and the words are to be sung to a tune listed in the back of the book. My daughter's favorite is on the duck page, the verse is to be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and starts like this: "Dearest duckling, close your eyes, Crickets chirp your lullabies. Daddy duck is swimming near,...Moon is shining, day is done." My daughter knows this one by heart and goes around singing it. :) A special book to end the day with. :)