28 July 2008

Kipper's A to Z (An Alphabet Adventure) - Inkpen

One of the best alphabet books out there. I have seen a lot of alphabet books, some are good and some are not. I take issue with most alphabet books for their choice of fonts seeing how some letters, number books are the same way, are not portrayed in a way that kids are taught them in school. For instance, a W is just that but this book portrays it as two interlocking Vs... I take issue with number books in their portrayal of 1, 4 and 7 in particular. Grrr, even this font makes the 4 different than how it is taught in elementary school.
Anyway, back to the review, Kipper and his friend Arnold have quite the adventure in this book of very relevant words for each adventure. The only thing I can think of to make this book better would be to have highlighted the letter as used in the sentences. Some of the letters are highlighted and some aren't. I love the little zebra in the book who keeps wondering when it is his turn and then there is little tiny sentences along the way to keep things interesting for the parents. :) Very fun, very good resource.