31 July 2008

Little Honey Beat and the Smiley Moon - Lobel

This book is so adorable, but has no purpose. I really don't like books with no purpose to them. The design on the book is so cute, glitter actually adorns each page as it tries to convey the beauty of the moonlight on the snow and the illustrations are cute too.
The story begins with a baby bear who is not sleepy and he thinks the moon is beckoning him...so he somehow as a baby bear is able to get out of his house and finds other friends who sneaked out also because of the moons luring light. So they see a moon path on the snow and think the moon wants to have tea and moon cakes with them. So then it starts to snow and they get lost because the moon goes behind the clouds, and right when the moon reappears the mother bear is there to bring them all home but does she take them to their respective homes. No, she takes them to her home for a snack and then the next page the two other friends are gone and it is just momma and baby. You are left with too many questions at the end of the book and it leaves you feeling anticlimactic.