09 July 2008

Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette

Frank Asch has definitely become a favorite author. Thanks Sarah for reintroducing me to him. This book takes Monsieur Saguette on quite the adventure simply because he wants some bread to go with his soup. I do find it gross he eats his baguette after it being in a crocs mouth, helping a cat out of a tree with it, being in the sewer and letting it be a baton. Have I grossed you out too much, I did really like the book, it is just one of those fun books out there.Updated July 15, 2008 - So I went grocery shopping today and what do you suppose I found on the day old bread rack??? A baguette! Actually several so I got one to show our daughter and then we will eat it with our chili this week, Mmmmmmm. :) Tonight we read again this book but we did all the actions with the baguette in hand - she really enjoyed it a lot!