22 July 2008

No Ducks In Our Bathtub - Alexander

Like many books, this one could have been so cute but rather the author chose to portray the little boy in this book as a spoiled brat and the mother as a mean mommy. Now here is a concept that doesn't need to be reinforced in a parent/child relationship.
This little boy wants a pet, and he is quite the explorer but they live in an apartment and his mother has to say no to bugs, a pigeon, and a duckling. Each time his pets are rejected he goes and grumbles to the elevator man. Finally he finds what he thinks are fish eggs and she says ok to those. He counts them and there are 103 of them - a lot of fish! He goes to dig for worms and she says no to that but is still sweet and gives him some money to buy them pet food. They go on vacation and when they return they have quite the surprise, they have 103 frogs to which the parents have horrified looks and the boy thinks this is great. So you see, it has potential, in fact I have chosen to read it to my kids in a different way so that they are not hearing the swear words of "Gee, and Gosh" and they are not learning to call their mother any names.