31 July 2008

Oink, Oink Benny - Lindgren

How authors name their books, I am not sure. This one looked so cute but it is not worth it. Benny and his brother are bored inside so they go out with their mother's instructions not to go to the mud hole. They obey for a little bit but then they go. So as they are playing with a pig Benny loves, Klara, his brother falls in and the mud hole after he is pushed. Klara takes saves him and comforts him. So Benny wanting to be held like this by Klara makes himself fall in and she holds them both. Then they must leave but they can't go home...are you sensing the deep deception this is trying to teach our children... Here is the kicker, it starts to rain and they get all cleaned up and their mother never knows of their disobedience...
Do not recommend this book!