06 July 2008

One Kitten for Kim

My husband grew up with this book as you can tell, it is from a while ago :) but it is so enjoyable I just had to share. Great illustrations, great word pictures so your kids can help read the book too.
Kim has a cat who has 7 kittens. His parents rule that this is too much, he can only have his cat and 1 kitten. So off he goes with kittens in his mother's laundry basket. At each stop he is able to give away his kittens, however each person is so thankful to him that they give him an animal that they don't want anymore. At the very end of the book he comes home with no kittens in his basket but... 'two goldfish in a bowl, one green parrot in a cage...' and asks the question that only a child could, 'mom, dad I gave away all the kittens'. I love the humor of it at the end.