23 July 2008

Pancakes for Supper - Isaacs

This book is neat and then turns rather odd, the little girl in the story falls way off her family's wagon deep into the woods. She then is met by several animals whom she has to appease in order not to be eaten. She appeases them by telling them they are the greatest and gives them a piece of her clothing. Then it turns weird when the animals all meet and begin to fight over who is the greatest. They begin to chase each other around the tree until they melt...yes melt. Then the girl's family finds her and in the meantime the tree they were chasing each other around soaks up their melted puddle and makes maple syrup out of the animals. The girls mom makes pancakes and they all eat around 50 pancakes but the girl eats 100+ and they pour the syrup on the cakes. Something this random doesn't really get me as a good read. It could be a far out folk tale maybe but even then it is weird.