28 July 2008

The Poky Little Puppy Follows His Nose Home

I am sad to admit that I have never to my remembrance read a Poky Little Puppy story so when I did visit our local library I checked on out. This book was really cute, the puppies ask their mother if they can explore the world and she says ok with some limits. They all go off on the adventure and meet some animals but when they reach the city they realize they must get home. When they go to sniff their way home they can't seem to find the scent they passed earlier. Finally the Poky Puppy came to the rescue and sniffs their way slowly home. Not a book I would buy, but certainly cute.
I didn't like the faces on the man at the apple stand and the lady at the flower stand. What person would scowl at cute little puppies? Just something I didn't like about the book.