24 July 2008

The Polar Express

I am not all for teaching a child something false and I do not believe in telling my children that someone else is giving them gifts when I am the one showing them my love through gift giving. I love the history behind St. Nicholas and I think that should be taught to remind our children of the sacrifice and giving to others and how rewarding it is.
That said, I really am not a huge fan of this book. I love the illustrations and the concept of riding to the north pole was neat. The whole bell ringing thing though at the end of 'if you believe you can hear it' was dumb though because it emphasizes things I do not wish for my children to believe in. We have so much faith in Santa Clause but to have faith in things about God and the gift He has given for all who accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is so hard. Something to think about.

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