28 July 2008

A Song for Lena - Hippely

I had so much hope that this was a good book, the illustrations all said it was but it was severely lacking at the end. Lena's grandmother tells her the story from the homeland. A song that was given to a family because of their giving heart. A hungry beggar arrived one day on the farm as a special treat was being made. He simply asks for bread but the Lena's great-grandmother gives him the treat. It makes the man happy and he plays his violin in their field until dark this beautiful song. He returns year after year and then one year he does not. They mourn his leaving but they remember his song. The end of the book Lena then simply has the words that she hears the song too. It could have had such a better ending, telling of the importance of helping others or something. It does have a recipe for the special treat they made which is neat.