23 July 2008

White Socks Only - Coleman

It is always a sad subject to me to hear how one color of the human race treated another color of the human race. The way we try to compartmentalize based on what we see rather than realizing that life is life, a human being is a life, a soul. History has left scars in our culture that we still struggle to overcome in many instances. If you have any questions reguarding if the "races" are different I would strongly recommend Answers In Genesis - AIG to you.
This sweet little innocent girl one day thinks she is big enough to go into town alone. She puts on her best white clothes and walks into town on a hot day. When she reaches town she is thirsty so she sees a fountain. Reading the sign "Whites Only" she takes off her dark shoes and steps up to drink with her white socks. A man comes and rips her from the fountain and begins to beat her. A crowd gathers but one by one there is courage as people from town step up and take a drink no matter their skin color. I really loved this book. Good peek into the pasts failures, failures I hope that someday we overcome fully on all sides and learn the folly of this type of mindset. Good teaching tool.

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