13 August 2008

The 500 Hats of Barthlolomew Cubbins - Dr. Suess

This one is a keeper! Bartholomew is sent by his parents into town to sell some cranberries. He lives a simple life, wearing simple clothing and a old hat that had been passed down to him for many generations. While in town he suddenly hears the king's trumpeters cry that the king will pass by so everyone should remove their hat. Bartholomew in deepest respect for the king, removes his hat with everyone else. When the king however passes by he stops purposely and demands to know why Bartholomew refuses to remove his hat. Holding his hat in one hand, he feels his head with the other - there is another hat! He removes that hat which reveals another and another. He is taken to the castle where he removes 100, then 200, then 300 hats...he is sent to be executed but the executioner cannot chop his head off as long as he is wearing a hat. 400 and counting, 450 the king decides to throw him off the tallest tower. As he frantically pulls off hats as he walks up the stairs to his certain death the hats start to change all the sudden. They get bigger and fancier and when he reaches the top he is wearing a beautiful hat with a ruby in it and very elegant feathers. The king is so delighted with the hat that he wants to buy it, for 500 pieces of gold, since it was the 500th hat and the last hat that Bartholomew was wearing that day. So the lad was sent home instead of just wages for his cranberries but with 500 gold pieces.
The only critic I have on this book is that I do not like the magician's chant, it is too much like witch craft for me so I just skipped reading it to my kids. Other than that it is an excellent book.


Anonymous said...

I love this book.
I think I first read it in Spanish though; it's still fun!