11 August 2008

Bartholomew and the Oobleck - Dr. Suess

I totally love Dr. Suess' books, they are fabulous but this is one I hadn't had a chance to read yet although I had heard the story from my husband many times (a childhood favorite of his) I wanted to read it myself so here is my review of it: it is a great story!
The selfish, self-centered king wants to make something new fall from the sky, he wants more control. Since he cannot do it, he calls his magicians despite his faithful servant Bartholomew's warnings. The magicians do indeed come up with something but it is sticky and harmful for his entire kingdom. Just when there seems to be no cure, Bartholomew has a talk with the king and shows him his folly. In the end, the king's confession and repentance actually dissolve the sticky substance and make for a changed king and a happy ending.