21 August 2008

Bettering the Blog

I am wondering if I can ask the input of my readers for a minute. I am trying to decide which will be easier on you: a hierarchy posting list which will tell all post names I do for each month - making for a really long scroll down my blog. Or would you rather a flat list only showing months and then using the search engine to find the book(s) you are looking for? I am just curious, and I would love any bettering tips to help make this blog more of a help to you.


E.B. said...

I am so excited to have found you (via Blog Coach)! Could you use category labels to sort them? Maybe by topic or age range? The dates are rather arbitrary, but I do see that titles would be a long scroll...HTH

E.B. said...

Whoops! I just noticed you already do all of that. I love your scrapbooky layout by the way!