13 August 2008

Blog Redecorating

As you, my readers, know, I have only been blogging this site for a few months now and I am totally enjoying it. I have been looking around for a chance to makeover my site and I found a look I like here at The Cutest Blog on the Block and I designed my own header. So now, I am curious, what do you think? If you have a minute, I'd love to know.
Tomorrow I am planning a trip to the library so that will be fun! :)


Merrimom said...

Very nice! I found your site from Moneysavingmom, and I love it!

Thanks for the tip on the redesign, my blog needs one, and I just didn't know where to go! I'll have to check it out!

Kara S. said...

Like merrimom I found your site through MSM. I LOVE your design. I'm definitely checking out your source because my blog colors are rubbing me the wrong way right now! =)

Mountain Morning said...

I think your header is great! Enjoyed browsing your blog...lots of great books!

I looked for your drawing entry for Martha's Family Cookery Book but couldn't find it...did I overlook it? Let me know and I'll come back. Thanks!

Have a blessed evening!