13 August 2008

The Butter Battle Book - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Suess, sure has some interesting books out there, this one I wasn't very impressed with. This book is all about 2 peoples the Zooks and the Yooks who are enemies because one side eats their toast butter side down and the other eats it butter side up. The two sides keep threatening each other with larger and larger weapons of war until finally they are both in a pickle as the two generals each hold powerful bombs. Who will drop their's first? Well, the book never answers it, it just leaves you hanging and the grandson has gotten dragged into this and is watching the whole mess.
I guess we can learn an important lesson about letting some things slide. Many times little things get blown out of proportion and we make mountains out of mole hills. When interacting with others always be ready to forgive, it is what Jesus Christ would have us to do, and always remember that each person does things a little differently and that neither way is wrong. There are many things in this book that could be used as a teaching opportunity for doing things the wrong way. The ending of the book though is too much of a letdown though and no lessons are learned for my liking.


Ashley said...

I completely disagree. The ending is left open because the problem is never solved. Very much like war, prejudice, discrimination, etc. it is an ongoing issue that leaves people waiting with bombs in their hands. The grandson is dragged down to demonstrate the hideousness of such situations and how it affects people that are not involved. I think you should re-read the book because it is filled with meaning and great lessons waiting to be discovered.