14 August 2008

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee - Van Dusen

I found this book on Book Carousel and wanted to share it because it looks so good! I am keeping my eyes open for it so I can read it myself. To read the full review visit Book Carousel but here is part of her summary...

"Cheerful Mr. Magee and his little dog Dee, pack up the camper and "hit the road" for a camping trip in the mountains. "There's nothing like camping," a jubilant Magee tells Dee:

The views are fantastic! There's hardly a sound.
Aside from the wildlife, there's no one around"

Their campsite certainly offers a spectacularly colorful sunset view, and the companions enjoy a happy evening cooking hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire and enjoying the serene view of the surrounding mountains, brook, and waterfall.

It's soon time for bed and, while the duo snuggle down in carefree repose, they are visited by a large bear with poor eyesight, but a good nose for marshmallows. In his quest for sweets, the bear manages to unhitch the camper and send it rollin' down the mountain and straight into the brook,

Dee and Magee both started to quiver,
As faster and faster they headed downriver.
But just when they thought they'd fall over the edge..."

Doesn't it sound fabulous?!? I love camping, my husband and I did some even for our honeymoon because we just love it! Anyway, because of this review I am definitely looking forward to reading this one myself.