11 August 2008

Crawdad Creek - Sanders

I really liked this book except that it weaves evolution's billions and billions of years into the mix. You know, I believe in Creation, One God created in 6 days and if someone doesn't want to believe that, it is their choice but why can't books just say, a long time ago or something generic like that. I mean, I am all for choice, it is my choice to choose how the world came into being, and I believe that is true but if you believe something different, don't confuse poor children with theories.

This is another tangent I get off on that I don't apologies for. Parents need to teach and train their children, even if you do send your kids to a public institution, be involved in what they are learning - this type of a book is in our local library looking oh so neat but alas, it goes and destroys itself in my eyes. Now I changed the wording to many years ago or 100s of years ago and the way this book is written it is easy to do so I was glad about that.

Ok, so onto the book review. Crawdad Creek is all about two siblings backyard creek and their adventures. The graphics are beautiful and the book truly shows how to enjoy the beauty of nature whether playing or sitting and watching. Other than the evolutionist teaching I really liked this book.