06 August 2008

Crickwing - Cannon

Well, if you are doing a study on cockroaches and ants this is a great book for you! This little cockroach is tormented by his looks - a damaged wing that aches him. He delights only in making art out of his food but animals always steal his art from him leaving him hungry. After one defeat he sees some ants, they are smaller than he is so he decides to torment them. Day after day he trips, traps and bullies the ants until their queen calls a meeting to see why production is down. When she learns of the culprit she orders them to bound and seize him. Carrying their captive down the tight holes the walls of the holes forces Crickwing's wing back into place and the pain he has been in for so long ends.
The queen orders this bully of her colony to be offered as a sacrifice for their colony to appease the army ants. This would have happened but a few of the ants felt sorry for him and set him free. He wanted to help them so he helped them to construct a huge leaf anteater which scares off the army ants.
In the back of the book it has a whole page on cockroaches and ants which were very interesting to read. Veyr helpful if you are studying one of these insects.