22 August 2008

The Five Love Languages Series - Chapman

Gary Chapman has really put out a series and while I am not a big fan of mass product books I do have to recommend these two in particular on here because they will open your eyes to how you interact as a family and with your children. The first book I have pictured here is specifically on marital relationships but if nothing else the last section of the book has an awesome section applying everything you learn in the book to dealing with your kids. The second picture is of the book he wrote specifically for parents to understand their children's expressions of love better. I must admit, I was a skeptic of these books until the top one was given to me as a bridal shower gift. I put it off reading it until after our daughter was born but I am so glad I didn't wait longer.
Chapman is very structured in pointing out that there are 5 ways we as different individuals can express love. When we think of love, we think of relationships and many times the parent/child relationship is overlooked. These books really get your to thinking about how you communicate love and how your children do as well. If you can't afford both I would recommend getting the first one and the end of the book has an excellent section on children's love languages and how they could be expressed. Chapman points out that many of our children fail because he believes they don't think they are loved - well, they are not loved in the way they understand love.
A good read and a good investment in your family's and child's life.