25 August 2008

Hey Diddle Diddle

Nursery rhymes...the mere mention of them normally conjures up thoughts of silliness, bedtime, short stories and fun concepts. There are so many out there to choose from and enjoy. I picked out a board book for my daughter of Hey Diddle Diddle and she was just overjoyed with the rhyme. She kept asking for it over and over again! Whether you buy some art, paint the theme in your child's room, read or say aloud the rhyme they are no doubt delightful and fun! Each of the pictures in this post are linked to the websites I found them. I was intrigued as to how many differing versions there are of nursery rhymes. I am going to try and highlight some of them and give some resources as to where you can find them in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy this favorite that has been enjoyed for so many long years!