06 August 2008

The Huckabuck Family - Sandburg

A dumb book. Cute characters just the whole book is dumb. The double names were cute and there was a good reason for them. This family grows popcorn but after a bumper crop they are all set, however, after their daughter opens this certain squash and finds a good or bad luck Chinese slipper buckle, a fire breaks out and turns their farm into a popcorn mountain and they leave. Mr. Huckabuck each year then gets a new job and the weird part is everything seems to be going well. For about 4-5 years (he works a new job each year) and then one year she makes this squash pie again and finds another buckle that switches their luck back and then go home to a clean farm - for the wind had finally blown the popcorn away. After that they didn't grow popcorn. The story had great potential but blew it - I guess literally, without being too corny. :)