13 August 2008

I Love It When You Smile - McBratney

Do you love it when your kids smile? I know I do but sometimes kids just get grouchy just like we do and they don't feel like showing off their beautiful smile. That is what this book is all about. Little Roo just isn't up for smiling, his mother tries everything she can think of to get him to smile but alas to no avail. She finally gives up and takes them to get breakfast but as they are traveling she is enjoying herself too much...Oh no! She doesn't see a mudhole in front of them and they both fall in. Now covered in slimy mud Roo looks at himself and then sees his mother all covered in slime which makes him smile.

You know, not that it is a moral to the story or anything but sometimes I get too serious and I have to stop myself and just stop and have fun with my kids. Sometimes I sit in the bathtub (so as not to get everything wet) and let my daughter spray my face with the shower head, she thinks it is great! Sometimes it is fun to make noises or sing silly songs. Just have a great day with your kiddos today and enjoy any smiles you get. :)