11 August 2008

Island of the Blue Dolphins - O'Dell

I read this book back in high school but I absolutely loved it! The girl, Karana is abandoned on this island after faulty play of the white men forces her people to leave. She refuses to leave her brother behind so she jumps ship and returns to the island. Her brother is killed by a pack of wild dogs and she is left alone, hoping the ship with her people will return. She must learn how to do everything by herself. She hunts, makes a house and builds a whole life for herself including taming the leader of the dogs who killed her brother. In the end she is finally rescued but I remember reading this book and just saying, don't go, this is your life now. She does return but it is such a beautiful story that you cannot be sad she is finally reunited.

I have heard it has been made into a movie but I do not know what the movie is like. Read the book though first. :)