11 August 2008

The Keeping Quilt - Polacco

This book is so full of rich heritage I was so intrigued by it. I love it when authors can write about themselves and do it well.
Patricia Polacco in this book, The Keeping Quilt gives her family's heritage as it has been passed on to her in the form of a special quilt. As child after child is born it is passed along with the story and rich memories of the past. Oh if only every family would do this. Storytelling I am afraid is a lost art to most families. I was blessed with a grandfather that told my cousins and I or really anyone who would listen to the stories he had made up and also that had truly happened to him. I want to pass to my children a rich heritage of their past because it is precious. Check out this book, you will love it!
Here is a picture of Patricia Polacco I found (picture is linked to the site where I got it) sharing her story with the actual quilt, I was just so touched by this story.