15 August 2008

Kissing Coyotes - Vaughan

This boasting hare gets an adventure of a lifetime after he sets himself up with a dare - that he can kiss coyotes up on Table Rock. When he gets to the Rock the coyotes are all asleep. He does it all right but in his excitement for successfulness he wakes up the coyotes he just kissed and gets chased all over fulfilling all of his boasts to his friends including dancing with a rattler and not getting bit, scaring cattle into a stampede and yelling comments to a skunk about him being stinky and not getting sprayed. So after he does accomplish all these things, what do you think he does, boasts and then calls to a hawk at what a great flier he, the Hare really is. Maybe you could teach your children that boasting like the rabbit does is lying but I don't actually think I will use this book to teach my kids those lessons, I know of better resources.