20 August 2008

Little Ballerina Dancing Book - Usborne - Watt

I was delighted to find this book today at my local library. My little girl loves doing things together and this book is so much fun! With a music CD included, each page gives a little section as to the context of the song. Then on the opposite page there is a little girl illustrating different moves you can do with your daughter to teach the song. I am thinking as the colder days will be coming soon that this little book would be a great resource.


myrrhbeth said...

I am loving Usborne board books for my little guy, because they have those tabs on the side and make it easy to turn pages. They are such pretty books too!, (but I don't think he cares). Hope I get a girl someday!

LeAnna C said...

I agree, I love their board books! They have some great other books to, nice, bright, real looking pictures!