07 August 2008

The Little Big Book for Girls

My sweet sister bought this for my daughter's birthday and looking at it, it looks great...well, great if you are pushing liberal feminism and self reliance and such things. There were some neat crafts to do or puzzles they gave but overall it was one page after another with doctrine totally against God and trying to push their liberal mentality onto the next generation.
I am sure my sister thought it was so cute and she may have flipped through it a little saw that the pictures are cute and if she happened upon a few of the cute stories such as Anne of Green Gables or Annie she was sold.
It really bugs me that such books are even put out there, their cute pictures draw people in and then when really looked at by the parents, or maybe the parents don't even look at it, the book in reality is junk.
Moral of the story, make sure you know what your children are reading. If you are going to buy a book for someone, make sure you know what you are buying. Books, like this website's name suggests are truly windows into another world - that world is called our imagination, our thought process, our morals, our character. Guard the little and getting bigger minds that God has blessed you with, with those minds they will shape the future. This book was really thick, probably an 1 1/2" thick - think of the poor branch who was wasted on such garbage literature.