07 August 2008

Little Learning Readers

As your children start to read, it is a crucial time to have things that they will want to read around. Many of the "simple readers" out there have no point or lessons to them. Growing up I had the privilege to read these 2 and more books from ABeka books and BJU Press both of which I can say from personal experience have put out some excellent readers and curriculum for those learning to read and many other topics as well.

I'll give a quick overview of the few books I have posted in order to give you a taste of what they have to offer:

The Big Green Bird - There was this old man who buried gold around town and taught his bird to say, "no doubt about it". He shows the kids a spot and then asks the bird if he should dig there. Of course the bird says what it has been taught, he digs, finds the gold and everyone thinks it is great! A man came by though and figures if he buys the bird he won't have to work so he pays a lot of money to get the bird only to dig around and find nothing.
At the end of the book he does learn his lesson and the moral of the story is spoken clearly with a verse from the Bible about the importance of work.

Penny Porcupine - Penny is a sweet little porcupine but nobody likes her because they think she is mean. She looks mean with her spines and she has a reputation from her kind following her around too. Finally one day Beaver gets his tail caught and Penny is able to help him and show him kindness. In the end he finally gives her a chance and he and his friends realize how wrong they were about this sweet little Penny Porcupine.