15 August 2008

Little Pea - Rosenthal

Little Pea is such a cute little story that twists a child's love for sweets and dislikes for veggies and shows a pea with opposite tastes. Little pea hates candy, his parents serve him a different candy every day of the week. "How many pieces do I have to eat?" he asks his parents. "Eat five pieces and you can have dessert." After whining a bit he eats his candy and what do you suppose is his dessert? A whole bowl of spinach! Yum, Yum! I just loved reading the opposite spectrum for a change. So refreshing!
I was looking around the web for other reviews of this book to see what others have thought and I came upon this picture of a Pea car. I just found it totally hilarious and thought it might make you laugh too. Enjoy!

I am just having way to much fun with this pea book. Go here, here and here for ideas on how to make your own pea plush to accompany this book. :)