11 August 2008

A Little Princess - Burnett

I think is one of my favorites, book and movie! A Little Princess is about a sweet girl who looses her mother when she is very young. Her doting father gives her everything she wants but this little girl keeps such a sweet spirit and never gets spoiled. Needing to go back to India where she has been raised, he sends her to a boarding school for girls. The mistress of the house dotes only on the girls who have lots of money so little Sara gets much attention, until her birthday when horrible news comes that her father has died and lost his fortune. She is banished to be a servant to pay off the debts she owes the mistress of the school. In all of this she keeps a sweet spirit and shares it with those around her.
I particularly love the Shirley Temple version of the movie but I have seen several others that are good too. I hope you can pick up this good book and read it and then enjoy watching it together. It is a classic!