14 August 2008

Mirette & Bellini Cross Niagara Falls - McCully

Oh this book is such a keeper! I really enjoyed this story of two professional tightrope walkers. We meet this duo as they are headed for New York and they befriend a young immigrant, Jakob, coming to live with his uncle since his parent's passing.
When they reach America Jakob must go to Ellis Island to meet his uncle. Bellini and Mirette follow him there and find out his uncle has not shown up and Jakob is to be sent back. Bellini takes full custody of Jakob and he comes with them to their Niagara Falls showing. The sneaky American who claims he will wow the crowds more than the duo has a helper sabotage their line, Jakob discovers it and sees the man who did it. He rushes out to them but alas, they are already too far out and cannot hear him over the water's roar.
Then their line starts to break and they have to run the rope back to shore. When the reporter asks the duo about their close call Jakob arrives and reveals the sabotage. His picture is in the paper with Bellini and Mirette that next day.
They are all happy the next day when a knock comes to the door, it is Jakob's uncle who had come for him - he had been told the wrong ship and he waited and waited for nothing. Now the two family members were reunited and they even came to see Bellini and Mirette off back to Europe.