18 August 2008

Mr. Murry and Thumbkin - Wilson

Do you worry to much, do you worry to little? If you find yourself in either category you'll enjoy this book about 2 mice who live on either extremes. Mr. Murry is the worry mouse, a little furry, hurry, scurry mouse who lives in a teapot house. Thumbkin is a country bumpkin mouse who has no worries at all and lives in a pumpkin house. As the summer progresses Mr. Murry worries about Thumbkin's choice in houses. There is no way his house would hold up all winter! But Fall soon arrives and then comes snow. Thumbkin plays in the snow like it is no problem even after his pumpkin house roof caves in! That night however in all his fretting Mr. Murry decides to go check on his friend and finds him freezing in his house. The kind Mr. Murry invites Thumbkin to live with him and they feast on Thumbkin's pumpkin house the rest of the winter.