05 August 2008

Mr. Pusskins, a love story - Lloyd

This is a story of what to me is a very typical cat - they just don't care! Mr. Pusskins has everything he could want including an owner who adores him but he simply doesn't care. He longs for a more exciting life so he sneaks out and leaves. He does naughty things, joins a cat gang and then...the weather turns rainy and cold, his new gang friends turn out to be not so nice and he is sad and lost. His luck turns however as a lost kitty flier with a phone number and his picture floats down and lands in front of him. Ok, so use some imagination here I guess, somehow he dials the number and when he says meow Emily his owner knows it is him and then she somehow finds him because she knew somehow what telephone booth he was in. When she finally comes for him he realizes how good he has it and becomes a wonderful kitty who reciprocates his owner's love. Touching I know. I am not sure if any real cats would ever become soley devoted to their owners but at least this one did.