28 August 2008

Old Cricket - Wheeler

Old Cricket wakes up feeling "cranky, crotchety and cantankerous." The missus asks him to fix their roof for winter but he makes up a story and says he has a creak in his knee. She sends him to Doc Hopper with a little breakfast. On his way he meets several friends who all need his help also but he comes up with other aches and pains. Finally he meets a hungry crow and tries the same storytelling on the crow. The crow doesn't buy it and comes after him. Now each of his friends from earlier had each given him a morsel to eat since was ailing and he proceeds to throw them at the crow. With each throw he actually gets each of the aches and pains he was faking earlier and really does end up going to see Doc Hopper who at first he had no intent on seeing. In the end he fixes his roof.
I was a little put off by this book's trying to smooth over the fact that he was lying to everyone. I was glad to see he was punished but every other page made reference to his lie and then said that he didn't get to be an old cricket by being a "dumb bug." So what are we teaching here, old people have a right to lie? When you learn all the tricks you should use them? I wasn't very fond that his actions weren't addressed more and he wasn't repentant at all.