15 August 2008

The Paper Bag Prince - Thompson

At first glance, I wasn't sure if this book would be any good but the name intrigued me so I read it. I still am not totally in love with this book but it is good literature and the illustrations are very detailed. This poor man, getting his name from the many paper bags he keeps is introduced in such a poor life, he lives in a garbage dumb. My first thoughts were bum who won't work... but no, such is not the case, this is his land. Years before the city forced him to sell it to them in order to have a landfill and for years he has watched as they have destroyed his beautiful piece of property. He does his best though to care of it by taking care of the animals that make their home in the interesting burrows that the trash makes. Day by day trucks come and he watches them dump more and more junk until one day, it is quiet. He falls asleep in his chair until a woman wakes him with news. The city has a machine to get rid of all the junk and he can have his land back. What great news!!! He watches as his land begins to heal in the weeks and months to come and he even makes a new friend in the end.